1997 02 22 Savaitës naujienø ataskaita

Hello fellow subscribers!

Today, 22 Feb 1997, Lithuania-On-Line has been updated:

# Datbases ‹http://www.online.lt/h_idx.htm›

  Register of State Registers

# Created new sections in Home Page Index ‹http://www.online.lt/h_idx.htm›

  Companies: Banking & Finace, Law & Safety, Health & Treatment.

# New homepages this week:

  Organizations: Margiris - the chess club

  Companies: Melofanas - sels music records

  Computing: Astera - SAMATOS and other software

  Computing: Sidabrinis tinklas - information systems' analysis, design
  and programming on OMT methodology. Informix, Netscape products.

  Media: Aerodromas - TV program about aviation.
  Announcements, beautiful planes and links.

  Banking: Ukio bankas - head office in Kaunas and many branches
  in Lithuania

  Safety: Kripto - information security agency

  A few of personal sites

# Some useful sites abroad ‹http://www.online.lt/h_idx.htm›

  Global market: Student Center - quality career information for
  college students and recent graduates
Eve Yohalem, president of StudentCenter LLC, writes me:
›StudentCenter covers all aspects of the career planning process: we 
›offer the popular Virtual Interview that allows users to practice their
›interviewing skills; the Career Doctor, an interactive feature that
›helps users identify marketable skills, choose their majors, and 
›determine suitable careers; a company database with more than 35,000 
›listings; a library of informational interviews with professionals from
›many industries; and, of course, extensive guidance on writing resumes
›and cover letters, interviewing tips, career-planning timelines and more.
›StudentCenter has won several awards and is recommended by 150 career
›counselors who are members of our Advisory Circle.

  Global leisure: RealPlayer 4.0 Beta - video and/or audio on demand,
  stereo sound, and buffered play

Vladas Palubinskas
Pastabos Papildymai Reklama Prenumerata ‡ LI 1997.02.22