1997 01 18 Savaitės naujienų ataskaita

Greetings, fellow subscribers!

Today, 18 Jan 1997, Lithuania-On-Line has been updated:

# Communities: 650 years Jewish culture in Lithuania - heritage 
  after the holocaust

# Support: Lithuanian fonts code page converter (updated)

# Support: On-line startup manuals (only in Lithuanian)

# Support: FaxSav, Net2Phone - to save money on international calls
        http://faxsav.aiva.lt/faxtryit.html (only in Lithuanian)
        http://www.omnitel.net/support/net2phone.html (Lithuanian)

# Company index ‹http://www.online.lt/h_idx.htm›:
        Pemco - lubricant producing company,
        Skystos dujos - liquefied petroleum gas firm,
        Ritos virtuve - pizza delivery,
        Vilkaga - trade center,
        Tonga, Virtual World, and others.

# Personal homepages ‹http://www.online.lt/h_idx.htm›:
        Ausra Augustinaviciute (Augusta),
        Alex Sterlin,
        Ingrid T. (foxie),
        Martynas Nikolajevas,
        Oleg Astapovitch,
        Valdas Vilutis,
        Vytautas Stankevicius,
        among others.

# A few of useful sites abroad.

Have a nice weekend,
Vladas Palubinskas
Pastabos Papildymai Reklama Prenumerata ‡ LI 1997.01.18